Nimbus Cloud Dome

Take beautiful product shots in seconds

Nimbus Testimonials

The Nimbus Dome was designed for those that need to document their collections, small product for sale and those on the go. As a teacher and jewelry designer I love that anyone can be shooting high-quality photos in seconds.
–Dave Burchette, co-inventor Nimbus Cloud Dome

I love the Nimbus cloud Dome! It’s so easy to use and right from my Drod I can email a quick photo to anyone in my contact list.
–Carol Garnand,

The First time I used the Nimbus Cloud Dome with my smart phone I took 200 photos of jewelry in two hours. I’ve never experienced a quicker way of getting photos to my client!
–Annette Coleman, Graphic Artist

Dichroic Glass always proves to be a challenge to shoot. The Nimbus Cloud Dome eliminates the harsh shadows and shows the true beauty of the rainbow effect of the glass. I can spend more time on my craft and less time photographing it.
–Christine Wilson, Blue Dragonfly

I take pictures of the compacts that I want to sell on Etsy and they always turn out great with the Nimbus Cloud Dome.
–Nicole Bau, Collector


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