Nimbus Cloud Dome

Take beautiful product shots in seconds

Cloud Dome History

Original Cloud Dome with large format camera bracket.

Cloud Dome

It is a studio-in-a-bag. the simplest way for anyone to take professional-quality digital photographs without complicated lighting. It is portable and convenient — an idea brought to life by an enterprising jewelry artist and her weather-loving father.

With guidance from above

Cloud Dome inventor Cindy Lichfield’s day-to-day activities were often guided by her father Ernie’;s interpretations of cloud formations. A meteorologist and inventor of weather-measuring devices, Ernie canceled numerous ski adventures, hikes and fishing trips because clouds indicated a storm was brewing.

Ernie Lichfield studying clouds and weather in Antarctica, 1966

“And the thing was, my dad was always right,”The clouds don’t lie.” says Cindy.

After years in the jewelry industry, Cindy was one of the first to see the potential of selling jewelry online. The biggest problem she found was finding an affordable way to capture the beauty of her pieces photographically.

Hot spots, shadows and inconsistent lighting frustrated her on a daily basis. She sought advice from professional photographers and took photography classes, but problems still plagued her.

So Cindy turned to her knowledge of weather and clouds. She knew clouds evenly diffuse light and on a cloudy day details and a variety of shades could be seen. Could she create something that worked like a cloud? Something to filter the light?

Expermenting with household items

Taking matters into her own hands, Cindy began experimenting. Gallon milk jugs came first. She cut them in half and used the hole at the top to shoot through. The milk jug provided even lighting, but stability and sturdiness were now a huge problem.

Next she tried her mother’s Tupperware containers. Still, stabilizing the camera was an issue.

The birth of the Cloud Dome

Sensing she was on to something, Cindy turned to her mad scientist father and his well-equipped workshop for help. Working together, they researched different types of plastics and created molds. They spent numerous hours tinkering in the lab, trying to find a way to mount the camera to the dome. When the dust cleared, Cloud Dome was born. Now anyone can easily take high-quality digital tabletop photos.

Made of high impact, non-yellowing, crack-resistant plastic, Cloud Dome evenly diffuses natural light over the surface area of the object being shot. High quality digital photographs can even be achieved in low lighting. Lightweight and easily portable, the Cloud Dome is outfitted with a camera mount to eliminate any stability problems. It’s the perfect accessory for any photographer of any skill level aiming to achieve the highest quality digital photographs.

2012 the Nimbus Cloud Dome is launched

As you can see from the time-line above many things needed to align before the Numbus Dome was possible. The new smart phone technology along with the megapixel camera needed to come before the Nimbus Dome. This portable and durable mini-studio is for all small product photography that can fit under the compact dome. A must for all artisans that need to email or prepare high quality photos the Nimbus Cloud Dome solves lighting challenges for reflective surfaces such as jewlery, coins and circuit boards.


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