Nimbus Cloud Dome

Take beautiful product shots in seconds

Nimbus Cloud Dome KickStarter Successfully Funded Project

Thank you to all of our early supporters for our Nimbus Cloud Dome fully funded project! Read more here if you are interesting in learning more about our project.

Nimbus Dome needs your upfront support for the mold making process. The Nimbus Dome will then be ready to take into production. The prototypes have been tested in the field and are ready to go. We have a manufacturing plant ready to produce orders. We have worked with this company on other similar products. The Nimbus Dome will enable artists and crafters to take beautiful photographs of their wares using a smart phone and help the artists take their products to market instantly through email and social media.

As a Jeweler and teacher of product photography I have watched students struggling to get quality photographs of their products. Setting up lighting, backgrounds, choosing lenses, and all the other things that go into making a good photograph can sometimes be overwhelming.

Many times, all you need is a quick clean photograph to e-mail to a customer or add to your web page. And who wants to get out all the photography equipment for just a quick shot.

Our work lead us to the new smart phones and the wonderful cameras they have.  We found that the solution for great smart phone photos is to maximize the phone’s built in lens by controlling both light and camera shake.

Photo taken with the Nimbus Dome and an IPhone 4S.

My design was producing outstanding photos, better than I have ever seen before from a cell phone camera.  I also found out that parts of my design were already patented. I contacted Cindy at Cloud Dome Inc, the owner of the patent I needed. She has done considerable work on the Cloud Dome family of photo studio products.  Working under Cindy’s patent we were able to complete and test the design of the Nimbus Dome.

Say Hello to the Nimbus Dome.

And say hello to outstanding photos

All of these photos were taken with the Nimbus Dome and an IPhone 4S.

Cindy and I designed the Nimbus Dome to be easy to use. I insisted that it be usable for any cell phone with a close focus camera, which includes most newer smart phones. The focal distance is around 4.5 inches. Phones such as the I-phone, Droid and Galaxy Note work exceptionally well. The Nimbus Dome holds the phone and takes clear non-glare diffused photographs.

The Nimbus Dome is small and portable and works very well on location. Even in full sun, the Nimbus Dome softens the light for a great photo.

Using the Nimbus:

In order to make the Nimbus Dome a complete small product studio, we have designed a Studio Stand that works in conjunction with the Nimbus Dome to enable you to back-light your products.

The Studio Stand.

Along with the Nimbus, we will be offering a set of free downloadable backgrounds that you can print on your home printer. These circles fit the the Nimbus Dome and can be stored in the carry bag.

We will be posting more videos and photos as we launch the Nimbus Dome through the Kickstarter process. The following link will take you Dave B’s photo album page. Here you can see the ever expanding types of photos that the Nimbus Dome and a smart phone can take.

Thanks for supporting and funding our project. Cindy & Dave


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